Market Access

Do you require:

► Guidance on regulatory (non-tariff) barriers for any overseas destination market.
► Food safety and biosecurity regulatory scans for food businesses, innovators, importers and exporters.
► Liaison and advocacy with government officials to assist with new market access for food and related products to any overseas market.

Complying with importing country food safety and animal health requirements should underpin food product development, to avoid costly regulatory surprises downstream.  Food regulation is driven by a multitude of constantly changing factors, and so keeping up with changes can be critical to avoiding business disruption.   

New food technologies are disrupting traditional food markets, and for foods that may not have been traditionally consumed, safety risk assessments may be required before the new food is introduced into some markets.       

Often the first step to finding out what requirements apply to your product is to discuss this with your potential importer oversea, who also may be able to make official enquiries about things like health certification, product registration, food safety standards and the like.  

Access negotiations for new products can take a long time – we can support your application by providing technical submissions, research, liaison and advocacy with officials. 

If you’re an overseas food business looking to launch your new product in New Zealand, we can also help you understand the regulatory environment to assist with your launch strategy. 

If you require assistance in any of these areas contact us and book an consultation today.