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The term Waka Kuaka refers to the flight of the migratory eastern bar-tailed godwit (kuaka) as it flies between Northern and Southern hemispheres. It was New Zealand’s great bounty from both land and sea that encouraged human settlement, and trade has always been a feature of life here. New Zealand’s lengthy estuarine coastline provides vital breeding and feeding grounds for marine life and seabirds. The godwit (kuaka) has the longest migratory route of any seabird in the world, flying from western Alaska (and possibly Siberia) to New Zealand and Australia. The 11-12,000 km journey is repeated after the kuaka have fed here, as they fly back to Alaska to breed. Kuaka are relatively common across New Zealand’s coastline, and have made their way into Māori mythology, but like many migratory seabirds their numbers are declining.

The kuaka is an apt metaphor for New Zealand’s role as a food store to the world. Food produced in New Zealand makes its way to every corner of the planet thanks to the ongoing dedication of New Zealand’s food producers – the farmers, growers, harvesters and processors - and supported by science and technology.

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Our vision is to provide an accessible and efficient professional service tailored to the New Zealand food export sector – and to work with you, at your own pace, to help you realise your export goals by helping you across the complexity of regulatory requirements.

Our flexible approach means that whether it’s a simple clarification, help with researching rules and regulations, assistance with an urgent export, staff training or a longer term market access strategy, we can provide what you need, when you need it.

Make use of our expertise and knowledge of the sector and the international food regulatory environment, if you’re an exporter, a manufacturer or product developer in the processed food & beverage, animal product or animal feeds sectors.

Te kuaka marangaranga, Kotahi manu itau ki te tahuna; tau atu, tau ra;

The godwit flock has arisen; one bird has come to rest on the beach, the others will follow.

He Kuaka – Te Mana Kaha O Te Whānau.