Make mine a milk

  • 1 October 2018

FDA Public Request

A 20 year debate in the USA on the naming of plant-based alternatives to milk, yoghurt and cheese is now the subject of an FDA public request for data and evidence to support the development of industry guidance, which generally is intended to reflect FDA's thinking on a particular aspect of its laws. This research on consumer views should help FDA in its assessment of industry naming convention proposals, which up until now have not been acted on. Dairy products are subject to standards of identity both internationally and in the United States - however United States food law so far only includes milk from cows as having the right to be called "milk". In that respect it's as challenging for goat milk as it is for almond milk alternatives. This data request runs until late November, and while the focus is on consumer feedback and views, it's certainly an area that manufacturers and exporters will be keen to follow. The FDA Federal Register notice offers some fascinating background to this riveting topic!

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